Thursday, April 7, 2016


Does the world need another blog? I suppose that the answer is probably "no". A better question might be, do I need another blog? In that case, I would have to say "yes". And so I welcome you to this, the latest incarnation of the ongoing experiment in writing that I have been carrying on for many years.

I have observed that during some of the most fruitful and challenging times of my life, I have maintained a blog. It has now been many years since I have done so, but the times remain no less challenging. So I return happily to the discipline in hopes that it can serve as a sort of cauldron for the many ideas and potential projects stewing there in my mind.

Like most blogs, this one is a reflection of my personal interests and passions. I seek to explore the meaning and significance of place, the relationship of humans and nature, and the intersections of spirituality with all of these things. I am also always looking for ways to speak up for those whose voices are not often heard in the mainstream. So think of this as a journal of a life lived on the edge of the normal.

If you're reading this blog you probably already know me, but perhaps you do not yet know me well. Hopefully over time I can introduce you to myself through my writing. I am often short on words in the moment, but in writing I discover what is buried beneath and ignored even by me. In any event, I am glad to have you along for the moments that you are here. Your comments and communication are always welcomed and appreciated.

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